We want to help you meet the right funding partners.

On an annual basis, we select a small group of new ventures that we believe are qualified for philanthropic investment capital and whose core business will make a substantive impact on global greenhouse gas emissions.

Services we offer companies:

  • General education about working with foundations as investors
  • An impact assessment about your company made for philanthropists
  • Personal introductions to interested foundations and family offices
  • Financial and legal expertise to facilitate and structure philanthropic investments

PRIME supports companies that:

  • Have any corporate form (LLC, C Corp, etc.).
  • Are pre-commercial, seed, or Series A stage (pre-revenue).
  • Are currently looking for investment.
  • Are developing a product or service will dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Will achieve a social impact that is “charitable” in the Internal Revenue Code.
  • With the right support, will show significant commercial promise (i.e. can define a credible go-to-market strategy, including attracting follow-on investors where necessary).

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